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Nokia 6260
V 5.0536.0
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You can update your phone at nearest Nokia service center. Updates are free during the warranty period. Certain models you can update by yourself with Nokia Software Updater.

Please note that the S60 operator versions are released later than the generic ones.

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(Beta) feel free to edit if you know any changes that are made.


New features:

Call and network management
- An improvement has been made to ensure successful call in PSTN originated MT terminated calls when the PSTN network uses SNS (Single Numbering Scheme) in the SETUP message

- JavaScript is included in order to improve browsing

- Video streaming is resumed after handling call/sms/mms call
- QuickPoint is able to open PPT file
- "Send as" menu item removed in QuickPoint/QuickWord

- File name and file extension management in File Manager improved in Hebrew language
- Search for voice mailbox numbers improved
- USB connection when using PC Suite has improved
- Ringing tone is played softly when volume is set to maximum and when vibrating alert is set on
- Improved playback of MP3 file and long AMR clip
- Audio level in stereo headset has been increased
- Picture saving in Full VGA quality possible in Camcorder application
- Nokia Content Copier is able to transfer both user files and settings
- Editing text string in wap browser is possible when using Wireless keyboard
- Backup to MMC card and restore from MMC improved
- Support for .ra and .rv file extensions in RealOnePlayer
- Improvements made to texts used in Push to Talk applications
- Operator name list updated

New features:

- The haven definition for streaming changed (the lowest UDP haven is 1024 and the highest UDP haven is 65535)

- Sending OF MMS improved

- SW support for new flash MEMORY added
- Sounds CAN switched off when taking pictures in silent mode

How can i Upgrade my Version in Nokia 6260 Cellphone?