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Nokia 6630
V 6.03.40
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You can update your phone at nearest Nokia service center. Updates are free during the warranty period. Certain models you can update by yourself with Nokia Software Updater.

Please note that the S60 operator versions are released later than the generic ones.

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Product Codes   

RM-1 product codes
Product codeDescriptionVersion available on NSU
0518106RUSSIA, 0518167,0519362,0519363,0529311,0527816,0527817
0518115, Thialand 5.03.08, \'Thailand\'
0518120, Italy, TIM
0519363, RUSSIA
0521012Italy TIM
0529205Poland Orange PL
0536298THAILAND White
0537890DTAC Thailand Music PW
0537892AIS Thailand Music PW
0537894Optus Zoo Music PW
0537896Malaysia CV Music PWF dI C z\'[
0537900Singapore CV Music PW
0538028My Globe Music PW
0538029Celcom (Malaysia) Music PW
0538030Philippines CV Music PW
0538031Thailand CV Music PW
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(Beta) feel free to edit if you know any changes that are made.


New features:

- Incoming Calling Line Identification (CLI) shows in addition to matched name also phone number :)
- Manual network mode selection is possible via settings. Default setting is dual mode, user may select GSM only if needed
- PDP disconnect dialog is shown to user if the network cannot give an additional data context when streaming is launched from a browser page
- Partial Idle screen indicates unread messages indicator
- Manual network selection list has been made shorter. Only one operator name is shown in the list even if operator has both 2G and 3G networks available

- Dialling to prefixed numbers (e.g. *140#number) improved
- USSD session ending handling improved
- Alternative Line Service (ALS) improved

- Reading language information from SIM improved
- SIM handling improved for large phonebook
- Some changes to USAT commands Play tone and Refresh

Audio and Video
- Ringing tone behaviour improved
- Streaming improved to work better with some servers
- Memory handling improved when playing audio or mp4 content

- Large File download behaviour improved
- Handling of web sites sending incorrect content types improved

Video Call
- Interoperability improvement, Vendor ID now sent in H.324 information
- Help application help texts updated
- IMEISV sent to network changed to 17
- Automatic access point settings updated
- Manufacturing process improvement due to optimised power management software
- Always online email behaviour improved

New features:

- 2-digit voice mailbox numbers supported (e.g. "*30"), earlier minimum was 3 or more numbers
- GSM AMR voice codec supported
- Behaviour improved when Call Control and FDN is activated
- Operator name display functionality improved

- USAT Mobile originated Short Message Control supported
- USAT Send DTMF supported
- Terminal now responds also to unsupported SIM ATK commands to ensure running toolkit application can continue running allthough some spesific commands would not be supported
- Handling of SIM phonebook with additional numbers (ANR) improved.
- Handling of long SIM ADN contacts (up to maximum 30 numbers) improved
- Terminal can better handle USIM phonebooks with differing sizes of ADN blocks
- Interoperability with specific RAN infrastructure improved
- Phone behaviour improved when performing ISHO
- Phone behaviour improved in weak field conditions when performing a blind handover from WCDMA to GSM

Audio and Video
- Wider UDP and bandwidth ranges available in phone variant SW
- Streaming rate adaptation supported
- Interoperability improved for some servers
- Identification and playback of some streaming files identified to be 3GPP rel6 format now possible (please note that Nokia 6630 does not support all 3GPP rel6 streaming requirements)
- Resuming of streaming after MT call improved
- Up to 2MB DRM protected files can now be set as ringing tones
- Handling of pause and play with long MP3 variable bit rate files improved
- Ringing tone playback improved in low memory situations

- Handling of content with multiple nested object tags improved
- Handling of underlined links improved, link visibility now better for end user
- Handling of saved browser pages with inconsistent HTTP content-type header and actual encoded content text type improved
- Browser memory handling improved.
- Decoding of HTML tag information when split between different TCP packets improved
- HTTP pipelining will be set as disabled in terminal to ensure correct display of images and other content when used with spesific content servers (IIS 4.0, 5.0 and Netscape-Enterprise 3)
- Cookie handling on some webpages improved. ECMAScript handling changed.
- Handling of white space encoding for plug-ins changed, browser no longer closes itself
- Table rendering improved
- Browser can be closed in memory low situations to free memory to other launching applications e.g. video call.
- Wallpaper background picture handling improved

Video Call
- Receiving Chinese SMS containig more than 45 characters no longer causes shorter standby time in idle state if messaging centre is left open in background.

Video Call
- Video Telephony DTMF tones supported (UII messages)
- Bluetooth headset supported during VT call
- Further improvements on video call setup time implemented
- Improvements in video call quality.
- Some localisation texts updated
- Automatic access point settings updated
- PC Dialup over USB improved
- Filetransfer to PC over Bluetooth improved
- Bluetooth headset connection swapping between headset and mobile improved
- Symbian installation trust setting for Geotrust CA for UTI used for verifying signing of midlets now set to "untrusted" instead of trusted.
- Java Audio playback improved
- MMS handling improved
- Global GCF 3G WDCMA Certification
- Temporary data removal improved in system boot-up sequence
- Two digit voice-mail number supported
- WCDMA RB Test Mode UE Loopback Mode improved

New features:

- FDN phonebook stability improvements.
- DTMF play speed corrected.
- Improvements to incoming call handling when playing games.
- CLI shown now correctly after a fax call.
- Improvements to automatic redialling.
- Correction for reset problem when receiving forwarded call from switchboard.

- When changing active code from PIN to UPIN, UPIN is asked, too.
- SAT Play tone volume increased.
- Phonebook’s thumbnail images shown when scrolling.
- Service provider name shown correctly when SPDI read from USIM.

Audio and Video
- Corrections to RV8 decoder algorithm and MP3/AAC decoder.
- Playing clips without information of number of audio channels improved.
- Streaming quality enhanced.
- Audio routing corrected for Nokia Cark112.
- Pause/resume functionality improved when using Vidiator server.

- Browser stability improvements.
- Browser behaviour improved when browsing certain pages.
- Language selection for google corrected.
- Pages with background wallpaper now shown correctly.
- WAP email PDP context drop issues solved.
- Resuming after service lost works now correctly.

- Stability improvements to IMAP mailbox.
- Mail inbox update is now working correctly.
- Extra line feeds removed from email.
- Notification added when rights object received in inbox.
- SMS sending failure for multiple addresses corrected.
- SMS proactive command interpretation improved.
- Receiving Chinese SMS containing more than 45 characters no longer causes shorter standby time.
- Chinese input added to mailbox user settings.
- Support for Unicode SMS character counter added.

Video Call
- VT call behaviour improved if audio channel is closed and reopened with different bit rate.
- Unmuting audio sending during video call is now possible.
- Overlapping in calling to video mailbox corrected.
- Video sharing stability improved.
- Video Share item added to incall option menu.
- Share video option no longer disappears from option’s menu after 3rd party MT call.
- Video call can now be established correctly with Ericsson VIG.
- THAI language supported now in Snowboard game.
- New error note added if MMC formatting fails.
- Stability improvements for FTP upload.
- Extra security code added to prevent users to play non DRM protected AAC files by renaming the file.
- Correction for USSD channel closing.
- Boot-up ensured even if there is corrupted MMC or corrupted font files in terminal.
- Access point configurator updated.
- Operator name list updated.
- Bluetooth stability with other vendor’s headsets improved.
- Default image resolution changed from Normal to High.
- SyncML client temporary data excluded in backup.
- LifeBlog account registration succeeding.
- Media gallery handles better long play list names and large images.
- Alarm clock volume adjustments.
- Validity check added before setting currency symbol.
- Dialup works now after USB PictBridge printing.
- BT deactivation behaviour with certain headsets improved.
- Folder path name length extended to max. 255 characters.
- All streaming links played correctly from .ram file that contains several streaming links.
- New error note added for out of memory situations.
- Java Install/Notify problem corrected.
- Support for multiple BT connections.
- Serial port signalling handling improved.

New features:

- FPLMN list updated on USIM.
- Axalto USIM card detection improved.
- FDN activation and deactivation with Axalto USIM card improved.
- SMS sending from Gemplus SIMATK improved.

Audio and Video:
- Unknown Hi-fi headset default volume decreased.
- RTSP Teardown now sent after streaming is stopped.
- Video player stability improved when playing invalid MP4 file.

- Improved handling of large web pages when rendering them using "By quality" option.
- Handling of unescaped # character in web page improved.
- General Browser stability improved.

- Fixed phone freeze problem with some T9 combinations.
- General T9 robustness improved.
- Receiving problem with DRM protected MMS fixed.
- Changed the handling of DIV tags in order to remove unwanted linefeeds.
- Fix the problem of corrupted Hebrew characters in received email.

Video Call:
- Phone reset problem during video sharing initialization corrected.
- SMS and Video call alert tones both played, if received at the same time.
- Video Call initialization phase robustness improved.

- Handling of corrupted jpeg files improved.
- Phone reset problem with Motorola BT headsets fixed.
- General connectivity robustness improved with BT car kits.
- Bluetooth pairing interoperability improved.
- Problem to access menu with certain SIM cards corrected.
- Logs GPRS counter clearing improved in certain situations.
- Operator name list updated.
- Improvements in weak field performance.
- Phone reset with certain SIM and SMS combination corrected.
- Snooze option disappearing problem corrected.
- Removed possibility to change profiles when SIM not inserted.
- MAP service UnstructeredSSNotify functionality improved.
- Network connection failure not shown anymore after using PUK code.
- 3gp file recognition from header (extension independent recognition) improved.
- USSD message not cleared automatically anymore after automatic acknowledge sent to network.
- Sound quality of music track is no longer affected by camera shooting.
- Current consumption improved.
- Usage of SRES parameter improved.
- Added support for Network error code "00011010 Insufficient Resources" in networks that doesn’t support multiple PDP context.
- GMS network selection improved in case GERAN is preferred.

New features:

- Memory handling improved when entering or exiting deep sleep.
- New IMEISV number.
- Operator name list updated.yes