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Nokia E63-1
V 510.21.010
Earlier versions
MCU SWBuild DateAdditional Info
110.21.00602-03-2009EURO MEA
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You can update your phone at nearest Nokia service center. Updates are free during the warranty period. Certain models you can update by yourself with Nokia Software Updater.

Please note that the S60 operator versions are released later than the generic ones.

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Product Codes   

RM-437 product codes
Product codeDescriptionVersion available on NSU
0561988RM-437 CTR EURO-A Ultramarine, product code(s) added and 0 (s) updated.
0564064RM-437 CTR MEA-A1 Arabic Ultramarine
0567293RM-437 CTR EURO B1 Ultramarine
0568632RM-437 CTR EURO B2 Ultramarine
0568705RM-437 CTR EURO-C Ultramarine
0568835RM-437 CTR EURO-C ALS ON Ultramarine
0568836RM-437 CTR EURO-D Ultramarine
0568837RM-437 CTR EURO-D ALS ON Ultramarine
0568838RM-437 CTR EURO-E1 Ultramarine
0568839RM-437 CTR EURO-E2 Ultramarine
0568840RM-437 CTR EURO-F Ultramarine
0568841RM-437 CTR EURO-G1 Ultramarine
0568842RM-437 CTR EURO-G2 Ultramarine
0568843RM-437 CTR EURO-N Ultramarine
0568868RM-437 CTR EURO-H Ultramarine
0568869RM-437 CTR EURO-I Ultramarine
0568870RM-437 CTR EURO-J Ultramarine, CTR EURO-J Ultramarine
0568878, RM-437 CTR EURO-K1 Ultramarine
0568879RM-437 CTR EURO-K1 CIS Ultramarine
0568880RM-437 CTR EURO-K2 Ultramarine
0568881RM-437 CTR EURO-K1 UA Ultramarine
0568882RM-437 CTR EURO-K1 Moldova Ultramarine
0568883RM-437 CTR EURO-L Ultramarine
0568885RM-437 CTR EURO-M Ultramarine
0568886RM-437 CTR EURO-M ALS ON Ultramarine
0568887RM-437 CTR EURO-Y Ultramarine
0568888RM-437 CTR MEA-A2 Ultramarine
0568889RM-437 CTR MEA-B1 Ultramarine
0568890RM-437 CTR MEA-F1 Pakistan Ultramarine
0568891RM-437 CTR MEA-B3 Ultramarine
0568893RM-437 CTR MEA-D Ultramarine
0568897RM-437 CTR MEA-F1 Ultramarine
0568898RM-437 CTR MEA-F2 Ultramarine
0568936RM-437 CTR APAC-R Singapore Ultramarine
0568937RM-437 CTR APAC-R Indonesia Ultramarine
0568939RM-437 CTR APAC-U Ultramarine
0568940RM-437 CTR APAC-S Ultramarine, CTR APAC-U Ultramarine
0568941RM-437 CTR APAC-S Bangladesh Ultramarine
0568942RM-437 CTR APAC-S Australia Ultramarine
0568943RM-437 CTR APAC-S NewZealand Ultramarine
0568944RM-437 CTR APAC-S Philippines Ultramarin
0569321RM-437 CTR EURO-A Ruby
0569390RM-437 CTR MEA-A1 Arabic Ruby
0569587RM-437 CTR EURO B1 Ruby
0569588RM-437 CTR EURO B2 Ruby
0569900RM-437 CTR EURO-C Ruby
0569901RM-437 CTR EURO-C ALS ON Ruby
0569902RM-437 CTR EURO-D Ruby
0569903RM-437 CTR EURO-D ALS ON Ruby
0569904RM-437 CTR EURO-E1 Ruby
0569905RM-437 CTR EURO-E2 Ruby
0569906RM-437 CTR EURO-F Ruby
0569907RM-437 CTR EURO-G1 Ruby
0569908RM-437 CTR EURO-G2 Ruby
0569909RM-437 CTR EURO-N Ruby
0569910RM-437 CTR EURO-H Ruby
0569911RM-437 CTR EURO-I Ruby
0569913RM-437 CTR EURO-J Ruby
0569914RM-437 CTR EURO-K1 Ruby
0569915RM-437 CTR EURO-K1 CIS Ruby
0569916RM-437 CTR EURO-K2 Ruby
0569917RM-437 CTR EURO-K1 UA Ruby
0569918RM-437 CTR EURO-K1 Moldova Ruby
0569919RM-437 CTR EURO-L Ruby
0569921RM-437 CTR EURO-M Ruby
0569922RM-437 CTR EURO-M ALS ON Ruby
0569923RM-437 CTR EURO-Y Ruby
0569931RM-437 CTR MEA-A2 Ruby
0569932RM-437 CTR MEA-B1 Ruby
0569933RM-437 CTR MEA-F1 Pakistan Ruby
0569934RM-437 CTR MEA-B3 Ruby
0569935RM-437 CTR MEA-D Ruby
0569937RM-437 CTR MEA-F1 Ruby
0569938RM-437 CTR MEA-F2 Ruby
0569941RM-437 CTR APAC-R Singapore Ruby
0569942RM-437 CTR APAC-R Indonesia Ruby, CTR APAC-R Indonesia Ruby
0569943RM-437 CTR APAC-U Ruby
0569944RM-437 CTR APAC-S Ruby
0569945RM-437 CTR APAC-S Bangladesh Ruby, CTR APAC-S Bangladesh Ruby
0569946RM-437 CTR APAC-S Australia Ruby
0569947RM-437 CTR APAC-S NewZealand Ruby
0569948RM-437 CTR APAC-S Philippines Ruby
0572514RM-437 CTR APAC-S India Ruby
0572527RM-437 CTR APAC-S India Ultramarine
0575097RM-437 CTR APAC-R CAMBODIA Ruby
0575098RM-437 CTR APAC-R CAMBODIA Ultramarine
0578496, RM-437 UK Virgin Mobile
0582369 CTR EURO-A Black
0582454General Polnad (not barnded) (Black)
0582477 Singapore SingTel Black, Rm-437 Singapore SingTel Black
0582478RM437 Indonesia Black
0582488, CTR APAC-S Philippines Midnight Black
0583339, Poland Orange, Poland Orange Ultramarine 200.21.012, Poland PTK Centertel (Orange PL) (ultra blue)
0583340 Poland PTK Centertel (Orange PL) (ruby red)
0583494 Poland PTK Centertel (Orange PL) (midnight black)
0583813Vodafone australia
0585258, RM-437 UK 3 Grey
0586545 Poland Play Mobile PL (ultra blue)
0589029, Poland Play Mobile PL (black)
0591982 Poland PTC (Era) (midnight blue)
0591983, Era, Ruby, v400.21.013, Poland PTC (Era) (ruby red)
0592129, INDIA Midnight Black, RM437 India IN Midnight Black v1, , INDIA Midnight Black, RM437 India IN Midnight Black v1, product code(s) added and 0 (s) updated.
0592366 E63-1 Virgin Mobile Australia
0593575 Poland PTC (Era) (black)
0598720, product code(s) added and 0569390 (s) updated., , product code(s) added and 0569390 (s) updated.
0599061english with chinese support
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(Beta) feel free to edit if you know any changes that are made.

Changelog of version 400.21.013:

* Gimlet v9.5 (v9.5.3.72)
* Quick Office 5.3
* Ovi Store 1.5 (v1.5.2)
* Ovi Contacts aEURaEURs Preinstalled
* Mail for Exchange 2.9.176

Email Setup Wizard update
* WLAN Corrections
* Internet Radio v1.16 aEURaEURs Increased functionality
* Camera functionality improvement
* Incoming call hang issue fixed
* Turkish SMS character input improvement
* Many functionality and Stability improvements in MfE
* Support for Russian and Ukranian keymats
* Phone activation Baseline updated
* Yahoo account hack fixed

* Stability and functionality improvements
* Email and WLAN functionality improvements
* Increased robustness in handling SMS and incoming calls
* Memory leak fixes and crashes
* Email and WLAN functionality improvements

* Fix for Incoming call hang issue and fast call crash
* Fix for making emergency call when the phone is locked

*Minor Functionality improvements
*Time display correction when the phone is locked

*WLAN functionality Improvements and fixes for crashes
*Improvement in WLAN authentication
*mVPN authentication improvements and general functionality improvement

*Functionality improvements for search functionality

*Email setup wizard updated
*Fix for Yahoo account hack while setting up Gmail account through Nokia Email
*Fix for mails getting duplicated after restoring backup
*Mail for Exchange upgraded from 2.9.158 to 2.9.176
*Many functionality and stability improvements in MfE
*Robustness and functionality improvements in email items.

*Improved functionality
*Increased application stability

*Usability improvements
*Keyboard mapping corrections for Russian and Ukranian keymat

*Improvement in Turkish SMS characters input
*Fix for delivery report for SMS with more than 22 characters

*Increased robustness in handling SMS