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Nokia N78
V 30.014
Earlier versions
MCU SWBuild DateAdditional Info
12.04625-06-08APAC EURO MEA
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You can update your phone at nearest Nokia service center. Updates are free during the warranty period. Certain models you can update by yourself with Nokia Software Updater.

Please note that the S60 operator versions are released later than the generic ones.

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Product Codes   

RM-235 product codes
Product codeDescriptionVersion available on NSU
0545485Euro 1 Warm Silver and Brown
0545487SPAIN Warm Silver and Brown
0545489France Warm Silver and Brown
0545491Alps Warm Silver and Brown
0545492Euro 2 Warm Silver and Brown
0545493Turkey Warm Silver and Brown
0545495Scandinavia Warm Silver and Brown
0545496Baltian Warm Silver and Brown
0545614Russian Warm Silver and Brown
0545618Ukraine Warm Silver and Brown, Nokia N78 / : 30.011 Loud speaker at socializing with an in
0545620CIS, Bulgaria Warm Silver and Brown
0545621Moldova Warm Silver and Brown
0545622Euro 3 Warm Silver and Brown
0545623Balkans Warm Silver and Brown
0545624Greece, Cyprus Warm Silver and Brown
0545626Israel Warm Silver and Brown
0546543Euro 1 Warm Silver and Pearl White
0546591SPAIN Warm Silver and Pearl White
0546592France Warm Silver and Pearl White
0546593Alps Warm Silver and Pearl White
0546594Euro 2 Warm Silver and Pearl White
0546595Turkey Warm Silver and Pearl White
0546596Scandinavia Warm Silver and Pearl White
0546599Baltian Warm Silver and Pearl White
0547719Russian Warm Silver and Pearl White
0547720Ukraine Warm Silver and Pearl White
0547721CIS, Bulgaria Warm Silver and Pearl White
0547722Moldova Warm Silver and Pearl White
0547723Euro 3 Warm Silver and Pearl White
0547724Balkans Warm Silver and Pearl White
0547725Greece, Cyprus Warm Silver and Pearl White
0547726Israel Warm Silver and Pearl White
0548458north africa lagoon blue, RM-235 Blue North Africa
0548459RM-235 Blue Persian
0548460RM-235 Blue Urdu (India, Pakistan)
0548461Arabic Languages, product code(s) added and 0548461 (s) updated.
0548511RM-235 Brown in Africa
0548518RM-235 Brown South Africa
0548519RM-235 brown North Africa
0548520RM-235 Persian Brown
0548521RM-235 Brown Urdu (India, Pakistan)
0548522RM-235 Brown the Gulf region
0548524RM-235 White African
0548533RM-235 White South Africa
0548535RM-235 White North Africa
0548537RM-235 White Persian
0548539RM-235 White Urdu (India, Pakistan)
0548542RM-235 White Gulf region
0548551RM-235 Blue Bay Units
0548552RM-235 Blue Hong Kong
0548553RM-235 Blue Singapura, not know the truth
0548554RM-235 Blue Vietnam
0548584RM-235 Blue Philippines
0548585RM-235 Blue Australia
0548586RM-235 Blue Indonesia
0548594RM-235 Blue Day * This
0548596RM-235 Blue Thailand
0548599RM-235 Brown Singapura
0548609RM-235 Brown, Hong Kong
0548612RM-235 Brown Vietnam
0548613RM-235 Brown Philippines
0548614RM-235 Brown Australia
0548615RM-235 Brown Indonesia
0548646RM-235 Brown India
0548647RM-235 * The date palm
0548648, RM-235 Brown Thailand
0548649RM-235 White Bay Units
0548650RM-235 Bai Hong Kong
0548651RM-235 White Singapore
0548652RM-235 White Vietnam, White Vietnam
0548655RM-235 White Philippines
0548657RM-235 White Australia, White Australia
0548658RM-235 White Indonesia
0548662RM-235 White Indian
0548664RM-235 White Thailand
0564475Belarus No FMTx Warm Silver and Brown
0564476Belarus No FMTx Warm Silver and Pearl White
0564477Balkans No FMTx Warm Silver and Brown
0564478Balkans No FMTx Warm Silver and Pearl White
0564510CIS No FMTx Warm Silver and Brown
0564514CIS No FMTx Warm Silver and Pearl White
0565615unbranded, U.S. Version (RM-342)
0566344Portugal Warm Silver and Pearl White
0566352Luxembourg Warm Silver and Pearl White
0566365Germany Warm Silver and Pearl White
0566371Portugal Warm Silver and Brown
0566372Luxembourg Warm Silver and Brown
0566376Germany Warm Silver and Brown
0566593, Russian
0569752Farsi,Black(By Yasha625)
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(Beta) feel free to edit if you know any changes that are made.

SW 30.011 improvements and corrections

Genius Cases fixed:
113892: Nokia N78 / RM-235: MMS Slides not shown in correct order
117617: Nokia N78 / RM-235: Connect with headset and activated silentprofile when received SMS, the loudspeaker will play the music.
115735: Nokia N78 / RM-235: While listening music with HS, if a sms is received the speakers are enabled
111153: Nokia N78 / RM-235: WLAN menu not in Italian language
111089: Nokia N78 / RM-342: Issue with easy wlan languague .
112639: Nokia N78 / RM-235: Camera cannot zoom in/out after changing phone language
106338: Nokia N78 / RM-235: WLAN shortcut and its submenu are not translated into Russian
107670: Nokia N78 / RM-236: Can't input Chinese character ""丁"" by stroke input
114436: Nokia N78 / RM-235: Slovenia: N78 SW 21.002 and WLAN untranslated part of menu
112392: Nokia N78 / RM-235: English is the software of the WLAN menu problem
115610: Nokia N78 / RM-235: N78 WLAN releted UI are in English in 21.002 but it's in Chinese in previous SW
116268: Nokia N78 / RM-235: Menu Options ""WLAN"" two different languages

105329: Nokia N78 / RM-235: N78 photo missing in gallery when change to simplifed UI
110903: Nokia N78 / RM-236: N78 EDGE has ""video sharing"" in UI during the call but it doesn't support it
117912: Nokia N78 / RM-235: No ZOOM function in RUSSIAN UI in SW ver. 21.002
114400: Nokia N78 / RM-235: N78 digital zoom in/out doesn't work in SW 21.002
115199: Nokia N78 / RM-235: Missing Camera Capture Tone : Nokia N78 /RM-235: While listening music with HS, if a sms is received thespeakers are enabled

108674: Nokia N78 / RM-235: Cracking sound when using loudspeaker during calls

Call log, Contacts and calling function:

*Callingspeed (from standby screen to Contacts

*Switching to different views is very smooth and fast now, i.e. to Map 3D etc.

*Maps version 2.0 week 39 remains the same

Music Player:

Other documented changes that have been stated by others for v21.002:



Improvementsto general stability of phone, Bluetooth audio enhancements, photo UIdevelopments and email upgrades (i.e. Mail For Exchange has beenupdated).


*luyul user here on Nokia boards: "Idid notice the music player opens a little faster now. As for thevolume on the FM trasmitter, it does seems a touch louder.. perhaps 10%or so."


*dwedgbury user here on Nokia boards: "Photos -Tag Browser:  still unable to browse photos by tags, dumped out tostandby screen".


The frimware changelog for version: 20.149 is:

New features:

- Boingo – Cancelled

- Comes With Music (CWM) - This SW Version includes CWM enablers.


- Bluetooth:

- N78 to CK-07W Audio Lost at regular intervals

- Call Not Working With Bluetooth Headset


- WLAN APN passed along with SDP contents is not utilized by Real Player

- Power Management:

- Sleep current too high while video applications at background

- GPS:

- The phone freezes when launching the Trip distance by clicking the link in Help content

- PC Suite:

- Harvester Server doesn’t close all necessary connections to other services during backup/restore


- Incorrect error codes are passed by TSY from SIM server to application layer for Smart card feature

- Radio:

- RadioLauncher gets corrupted state when VisualRadio exits

- Podcast:

- Podcasts garbled search results when entering a number as the search title

- Photos:

- Crash when launching Photos application after restoring from memory card

- Slideshow doesn’t work after used device for a while

- Internet:

- FM frequency range extends below 87.5MHz

- Maps:

- Maps “My position” and “My place” are translated into the same Chinese

- Messaging:

- E-mail username truncated causes problem with login

- Adding new number from SMS to existing number in ADN causes corruption

- Download!:

- Download client doesn’t work with certain operators WAP APN

- Other Changes:

- Java platform version number not updated in IAD

- Widget installer plugin cannot be upgraded

- Removing battery during alarm makes the device unusable

- Stub sis file doesn’t include httptransfer component

- Paths are incorrect in cenrep creation file (Naviscroll and FMTX affected)

- Internal Debugging tool wrongly included in Production SW

- Device cuts off URL parameter in RTSP streaming link

- Delivery via Device Management corrupts EAP-FAST PAC file

- TCK failure with HTTP and AMR Combination

- SpaceUI doesn’t allow for changes when a default number is assigned in Phonebook

- Display corrupts with 3rd party application BestCalc

- Old Video Center change to new interface

- Video Camera option Video stabilisation removed


Chnage Log for the firmware v12.046


Improved performance of key selection using left/right softkey and send/end keys

Better handling of received video call during video recording


Plantronics M1000 headset supported

Correct audio routing and volume control when both Internet radio & FM transmitter/music player active

BT stability improvements

Media Servant can use WMA files

Nokia Software Updater fixed

Photos Application:

Arabic language pack now correctly localises numeric name for new image and video files

Improvements to video playback


Streaming improvements.


Improved stability with Downloading Rights

FM transmitter turns off correctly after period of no music playing even if music player is active

FM transmitter cannot continue sending internet radio when music playing is stopped.

Other Changes:

FOTA can be restarted if cancelled during first download.

Resolved issue with incorrect wrapping in -Help- text file

Can now send mail via SSL/TLS SMTP server.

Stopped continuous upload attempts to Share online if there is a network issue.

Correct video icon now displayed for WMV file.

Share online image thumbnails update correctly.

Security improvements again XSIM.

Localisation fixes

Chnage Log for the firmware v11.043 
Slideshow wallpaper no longer causes in call device stability and audio problems. 
Voice tags now working with CK-7W and other BT car kits. 

Stability improved when viewing image and video. 

Stability improved when using the camera. 
Autofocus now correctly deactivated in Landscape setting. 

Stability improved when playing music over extended period through headset. 
DRM Silent Rights Acquisition now working. 

Naviscroll sensitivity improvements. 
Switch application contact sync corrected. 
Vibra now functions after factory settings have been restored. 
Pictbridge2 localization improved. 
USIM' phonebook now visible after FDN disabled.