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Nokia N86-1
V 30.009
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You can update your phone at nearest Nokia service center. Updates are free during the warranty period. Certain models you can update by yourself with Nokia Software Updater.

Please note that the S60 operator versions are released later than the generic ones.

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Product Codes   

RM-484 product codes
Product codeDescriptionVersion available on NSU
0557108Finland Indigo, EN-AR EU
0566656EURO 1 Indigo
0577444EURO 1 White
0579908, RUSSIAN Indigo
0579911, ARABIC 1 Indigo
0580093SINGAPORE Indigo
0580197RUSSIAN White
0580403PORTUGAL Indigo
0580405LUXEMBURG Indigo
0580406UK and Ireland Indigo
0580407, Italy and Malta Black, Italy and Malta Indigo Black, ITALY AND MALTA Indigo
0580408SPAIN Indigo
0580409FRANCE Indigo
0580411ALPS Indigo
0580413EURO 2 Indigo
0580415GERMAN Indigo
0580417TURKEY Indigo
0580418SCANDINAVIA Indigo
0580420BALTIAN Indigo
0580422BELARUS Indigo
0580423UKRAINE Indigo
0580424CIS, Bulgaria Indigo
0580425CIS Indigo
0580447MOLDOVA Indigo
0580449EURO 3 Indigo
0580451BALKANS Indigo
0580491BALKANS No FMTx Indigo
0580492GREECE, CYPRUS Indigo
0580493ISRAEL Indigo
0580494KSA Indigo
0580497LEVANT Indigo
0580498, ARABIC 2 Indigo
0580500NORTH AFRICA Indigo
0580502URDU Indigo
0580503FARSI Indigo
0580504UAE Indigo
0580505ALGERIA Indigo
0580510Arabic EU SPL Indigo
0580511SSA-PT Indigo
0580512SSA Multi Indigo
0580534SSA1 Indigo
0580535SSA-French Indigo
0580536SSA10 Indigo
0580538SSA11 Indigo
0580586ARABIC 1 White
0580587KSA White
0580588LEVANT White
0580589ARABIC 2 White
0580590NORTH AFRICA White
0580591URDU White
0580592FARSI White
0580593UAE White
0580594ALGERIA White
0580596Arabic EU SPL White
0580597SSA-PT White
0580598SSA Multi White
0580599SSA1 White
0580600SSA-French White
0580601SSA10 White
0580602SSA11 White
0580617MALAYSIA Indigo
0580619VIETNAM Indigo
0580630PHILIPPINES Indigo
0580631AUSTRALIA Indigo
0580632NEW ZEALAND Indigo
0580633INDONESIA Indigo
0580634INDIA Indigo
0580635THAILAND Indigo
0580636CAMBODIA Indigo
0580637EMERGING ASIA Indigo
0580639BANGLADESH Indigo
0580645SINGAPORE White
0580646MALAYSIA White
0580647VIETNAM White
0580648PHILIPPINES White
0580649AUSTRALIA White
0580650NEW ZEALAND White
0580651INDONESIA White
0580652INDIA White
0580653THAILAND White
0580654CAMBODIA White
0580655EMERGING ASIA White
0580657BANGLADESH White
0580667PORTUGAL White
0580668LUXEMBURG White
0580669UK And Ireland White
0580670Italy and Malta White, ITALY And MALTA White
0580671SPAIN White
0580672FRANCE White
0580673ALPS White
0580674EURO 2 White
0580675GERMAN White
0580676TURKEY White
0580677SCANDINAVIA White
0580678BALTIAN White
0580679BELARUS White
0580680UKRAINE White
0580681CIS, Bulgaria White
0580682CIS White
0580683MOLDOVA White
0580684EURO 3 White
0580685BALKANS White
0580686BALKANS No FMTx White
0580687GREECE, CYPRUS White
0580688ISRAEL White
0583643SSA 4 White
0583644SSA 6 White
0583767SSA6 Indigo
0583773SSA4 Indigo
0585912FINLAND Indigo
0585914FINLAND White
0588514UK Indigo
0588515T-Mobile DE Indigo
0588865syria indigo
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(Beta) feel free to edit if you know any changes that are made.

 Nokia N86 8MP Change Log for the firmware v20.115

Camera Improvements:

  • Improved still image quality
  • Improved video quality
  • Face detection added
  • Red-eye removal added (Nokia note: “this is image processing whichremoves the red-eye. You need to be in red-eye reduction flash mode forit to be operational. Other flash modes it is disabled as there is asmall shot to shot impact due to the extra image processing.”)
  • New focus point indication – this shows where in the scene the camera is focussing
  • Improved Close-up focus (Nokia note: “As a result you will find inmost situations you can focus much closer than before. The new focuspoint indication will also help in confirming which part of yoursubject is used for critical focus checking”)
  • Face detection is indicated by a yellow square

Bug fixes to the following applications:

  • Web
  • Music Store Client
  • Real Player
  • Ovi Maps (including faster calibration of the digital compass)
  • Here & Now
  • N-Gage Client
  • Nokia Messaging

The following has also been added in the update:

  • Automatic VoIP re-registration.
  • Ovi Chat shortcut on the homescreen
  • A new Ovi services splash screen
  • An Ovi Store client (although it is quite buggy; selections from the Options menu are problematic)
  • An initial option to check for software updates when a customer first boots up the phone.

Nokia N86 8MP Change Log for the firmware v11.043


* Improved CLI.
* Slideshow wallpaper no longer causes in call device stability and audio problems.


* Improved stability when using BT headsets.
* Voice tags now working with CK-7W and other BT car kits.
* Improved stability with dongles using WinXP built-in Bluetooth stack.

Photos Application:

* Stability improved when viewing image and video.
* Volume and time information is now displayed when playing video clips.

Camera Application:

* Stability improved when using the camera.
* Camera drivers optimized.
* Autofocus now correctly deactivated in Landscape setting.
* Burst mode corrections.

Music Playback:

* Stability improved when playing music over extended period through headset.
* FMT-x timeout is now correctly synchronized with Music Player.
* DRM Silent Rights Acquisition now working.
* Content refresh improved.

Other Changes:

* Naviscroll sensitivity improvements.
* C-S Help anomalies fixed.
* Switch application contact sync corrected.
* Display colour corruption corrected.
* Vibra now functions after factory settings have been restored.
* Theme transitions are OFF as default (as per PR1.01).
* Pictbridge2 localization improved.
* Thai and Turkish localization corrections.
* USIM’ phonebook now visible after FDN disabled.
* Java application icons are now shown correctly.